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Who we are

Shaz & the Medicine Man


Welcome! We are Sharon & Henry. The two of us met in the fall of 2020, in spite of our totally different backgrounds, guided by the mystery of life, in the midst of turbulent and transformational times. 
We soon discovered we have a lot more in common than meets the eye. The most visible one: our mutual love for music and ceremony.


Both of us bring our own unique talent into the magical field, mysteriously one song after the other emerges from within.  
All songs are inspired by plant medicine, ceremony, ancient teachings & traditions and the infinite wisdom & spirit of nature. They invite you to come home.


Our first album ‘Surrounded’ was released in the fall of 2022. A beautiful collaboration with acclaimed producer, composer & dj Ohm-G from Ibiza.

How it started

Sharon Meibergen


For as long as I can remember I have been singing through life. What started as a girl's dream, becoming a singer inspired by Whitney Houston and Broadway musical stars, took a new turn in early 2021.


After years of soul searching, suddenly there was a deep invitation to listen to my own Soul Song again. 
I started voicing all the melodies that surfaced from deep within. Finally acknowledging my own unique sound and melody. It was the beginning of writing my own songs which I share together with Henry as Shaz & the Medicine Man in ceremonies, singing circles and concerts. 

What a transformational process it has been so far. Every week I could feel my voice opening up more and more. Layers slowly getting peeled off, deepening the connection with myself. And with that, my heart cracked open. All I can do now is sing straight from my heart to yours. Touching the listener with my voice. When I sing, I feel music truly becomes Medicine for the Soul. My gift to share with the world.

I feel so grateful for this life changing journey.

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Henry de la croix

I always dreamed of playing the guitar as a little boy. Listening to Carlos Santana’s ‘Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile)’ around twelve, I begged my parents for my first guitar. Every single minute I grabbed my guitar to practice. Meeting uncle Willy with his Indonesian style of guitar playing at age 15, was a big influence and inspiration for me: I developed my own unique way of touching my guitar. 

My first encounter with Jai Uttal’s groovy way of playing Kirtan during the amazing Barcelona Yoga Conference as well as the heartwarming singing circles full of medicine songs with the Ibiza Tribe on the magical island, planted deep-rooted seeds of sharing teachings in songs with the world.

Music is Medicine, the exchange of energy and frequency, sparkling eyes, radiating smiles, dancing and singing around the campfire makes my heart full of love and joy. Bringing a deep feeling of connection and a sense of belonging. 

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